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Camp Life

Donner Summit, CA July 26-29, 2018           




High School Camp Details

Our athletes will explore the amazing trails in the mountains with two professional runners as guides and an intimate group of motivated high school runners.  We are looking for 18 wild coyotes who love to run, are not afraid of a challenge, and are looking for an inspirational and educational opportunity to explore and learn how to stay healthy for a life-long running career.


Each day will consist of one or two runs on the trails that meander into the mountains.  The runs will vary in distance and terrain, but the one thing that stays consistent is the beautiful scenery.  There will be one long run of 8-12 miles and one sunrise run to take in the amazing scenery in a different light.  We welcome all levels of ability, and it is our goal to make sure that everyone has someone to run with. Campers should arrive to camp in reasonable shape, and be ready to run each day.

Eating Is Training

Training is so much more than running...we believe eating is training. The Wild Coyotes will be spending quality time in the kitchen getting hands-on experience with planning, preparing, and crafting nutritious and tasty meals. All of our meals are organic, and there will be vegan options as well.  Each camper will return home armed with the expertise to make the best decisions about what they eat to support the rigors of training.  By eating the right nutrients, in the right amounts, at the right time, we grow stronger, get faster, and learn how to endure more.

Lodging and Travel

Our Tahoe camp location is the Hutchinson Lodge, near Donner Summit.  There are two large loft areas, and here campers will need to bring a sleeping bag and pad, as the accommodations are a bit more rustic. Campers can be dropped off directly at camp, or we can provide transportation on Thursday and Sunday between camp and the Rockridge Bart Station in Oakland.

A Day in the Life of a Wild Coyote

When we're not running or eating, we'll be doing the things that make runners stronger and healthier and of course enjoying our beautiful location. Each day will have at least one group seminar, and there will be key topics like injury prevention, flexibility, and sports nutrition.  We'll also have additional sessions on mindfulness, gratitude, recovery, and how to make a Cross Country board game. Yup, you read that right...there is a cross country board game.

Sample Schedule:

  • Wake up and light breakfast/coffee/tea
  • Short run on trails from the Hostel
  • Light stretching
  • 45-60 minute seminar (mindfulness, gratitude, nutrition, etc.)
  • Lunch
  • Free time
  • 45-60 minute seminar (stretching, gear, recovery, etc.)
  • Longer run on trails from hostel or off-site in vans
  • Dinner (campers take turns aiding with preparation and/or clean up)
  • PM activity (night hike, beach bonfire, cross country board game making night)
  • Sleep

Run with us.

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